So Many Things!

TL;DR – In the 17 weeks of creating Shortles, out of the 51 videos I was planning to make, I made 9. It’s time to rejigger things, and make sure that stuff is getting produced each and every week!

I’m happiest when I make things, and when I’m learning. While I’ve learned a lot, and done good work in the last 17 weeks (including getting a contract for some outside consulting set-up, and doing some gratis consulting for a few other artists), what I haven’t done is produce 17 weeks worth of Shortles in that time. It’s time to make a change, and focus on consistency, simplicity and building.

Read on to learn more about what’s coming next for The Help Machine!

  • Consistency is Key
  • Periscope! The Amazeballs Funtime Show Thingy!
  • Social Media

Consistency is Key! 

So far, (with StreamCon2015 and its three videos), since I started on July 30th, 2015 to the present, I’ve produced 9 Shortles (not including the promo video). In theory, in the 17 weeks from then to today, at 3 videos/week, there should be 51 Shortles made. But there’s 9, with 3 more waiting to be finished with editing.

So, it’s time to learn a lesson from this. My ambition was to do 3, but I didn’t make it. I did learn I can produce them pretty quickly, and even learned lessons in the kind of videos I want to make. But to build subscribers, you have to be more prolific.

I’m lowering my bar. One/week, starting next week. All I need to do is make sure that at least one video/week is released on Friday. I can always make more. I can even make more Shortles! But there has to be one video/week on YouTube. That can, and will, be done. I’d rather build up to 3, then maybe even 7, per week! But let’s start with one, every week. 🙂



One of the things I learned at StreamCon, the most fun was learning about live video, in addition to watching Bobidoo and Kwiddle interview people at the show. Live video was one of the main themes of StreamCon, so, I’ve built a rig to help Bobidoo and Kwiddle shoot live video on the streets of New York!

But going with that theme of building, and consistency, the start is going to be the start. Kwiddle wants to call the live show on Periscope, “The Amazeballs Funtime Show Thingy!” so by gosh, that’s what the show is called. And through the making of it, we’ll figure out what people like.

But just like Shortles, it needs to happen every week. So, every Tuesday, a new live, up-to-7 minute ‘The Amazeballs Funtime Show Thingy!” as we work out a format, and make the show. I really hope it’s interactive, just need people to type and talk at us and we’ll see! We can always do more, but the point is to do it, week after week.

Check us out on Periscope!

Social Media


We’re building a lot of fans on Facebook (and thank you Facebook fans, you guys are great!). But also thank you to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Periscope, too! The goal is to build more fans, and to do that, we need more content.

So, with that consistency, is making sure we’ve got new content on Facebook and Twitter every day. That also means making sure that we make media for those platforms. I’m trying some experiments with video made specifically for Facebook. In addition, every time we do a video, there needs to be a snapshot on Instagram.

But the nice thing about the handsfree gear to shoot Periscope videos with is that it’s also great for doing Instagram snapshots.

I learned a few years ago, that it’s always better to talk about what you did, rather than what you’re going to do. I think the best thing, though, is to tell people what you’re doing, and then do it.

Just do it! Fear is easy, work is hard, and art is fun.

Do it!