Shortles Premiers July 30th, 2015 on YouTube!

TL;DR – An Amazing Work of Staggering Genius Awaits you on YouTube and it’s made by Bobidoo and Kwiddle and you should watch it!

Subscribe to us on YouTube today!

Subscribe to us on YouTube today!

Bobidoo and Kwiddle have started their own YouTube show called Shortles! Subscribe to the Help Machine on YouTube today!

  • New YouTube Show!
  • Created by Bobidoo and Kwiddle!

New YouTube Show!

Shortles is a new show from The Help Machine on YouTube. Each week, Bobidoo, Marmalade, Kwiddle and Uncle Prunce bring you a new video diary, where they talk about whatever’s on their mind.

For now at least! The show is a work in progress, and will change as the gang make new videos.

Created by Bobidoo and Kwiddle

This is a homemade show, and a labor of love for Bobidoo and Kwiddle. They decided that it’s more fun to do things than to wait around deciding what to do.

“We just wanted to make a show about stuff, for fun. And we didn’t want to wait around too long. It’s better to make things when you can,” said Kwiddle to me as I typed up this blog entry.

Check out Shortles! on YouTube, premiering July 30th, 2015!