New Idea: Shortles!

TL;DR – Shortles is a back to basics approach, to videos, starring Bobidoo, Kwiddle and some new friends!

Shortles is a back-to-basics approach, giving Bobidoo, Kwiddle and some new friends an outlet for creative expression, while helping the Help Machine make new video content. The new show will launch on YouTube on July 30, 2015!

Learn a little more by reading below!

  • Back to Basics: Vlogging with Bobidoo, Kwiddle and the Gang
  • Ready, Set, GO!

Back to Basics: Vlogging with Bobidoo, Kwiddle and the gang

One of the ideas with Bobidoo and Me was the idea of creating character videos; essentially, each character would vlog about their feelings. These would help us learn the characters, and help them connect with an audience.

Kwiddle and Bobidoo had been patiently waiting for me to figure out a way to do the videos. While I was busy thinking, they spent time watching a LOT of YouTube video. They decided on a new format; they’ll start with monologues about stuff they’re thinking about. In addition, they want to include Uncle Prunce (a new pal living in the house, the groovy guru, the wisest of the wisecrackers) and Marmalade (a friend who wants to be the best video host possible!) in the videos.

Ready, Set, GO!

I promised Kwiddle and Bobidoo I’d help, so, there’s a few things that need to happen. First is, building up a backlog of stuff to do, at least to start. Next is figuring out how to produce something with quality we all like, but that can also be done quickly, week after week. After that? Probably more stuff!

But we’ll figure it out as we go. The only challenge really is my own health. I’m not sure how long this latest flare will last, if it’s going to get worse, and what the end of it will look like.

There’s no better motivation than a publicly declared goal! So, Shortles will launch July 30th, 2015 on YouTube!