Learn about the Dunning–Kruger effect! | The Amazeballs Fun Time Show Thingy Ep P101

This is the second Episode of the Live Show The Amazeballs Funtime Show Thingy! But it’s numbered like it’s the first episode. How did that happen? Weird!

In this episodes, Kwiddle …
* Sings a theme song and says hello
* Explains the Dunning-Kruger effect
* Talks about Danger Woman’s Rescue Walker and Staying Humble
* “There’s no Dave …”
* Says Bye!

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Featuring: Kwiddle!

Watch Live on Periscope: https://www.periscope.tv/TheHelpMachine/

Amazeballs Fun Time Show Thingy theme by Kwiddle and Bobidoo
Jookit Jookit by Walter Roland | http://funfunfunmedia.com/walter-roland-jookit-jookit-mp3/

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