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Shortles premieres July 30th on The Help Machine!

This is a promo for an Amazeballs work of staggering genius! Have you watched this promo for this Amazeballs work of staggering genius yet?

Featuring: Kwiddle, and a Very Loud Airplane
Music: Ambler by Kevin MacLeod |

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23 Jul 2015

Shortles Premiers July 30th, 2015 on YouTube!

TL;DR – An Amazing Work of Staggering Genius Awaits you on YouTube and it’s made by Bobidoo and Kwiddle and you should watch it!

Subscribe to us on YouTube today!

Subscribe to us on YouTube today!

Bobidoo and Kwiddle have started their own YouTube show called Shortles! Subscribe to the Help Machine on YouTube today!

  • New YouTube Show!
  • Created by Bobidoo and Kwiddle!


30 Jun 2015

Being Sick, Getting Better

TL;DR – Talking about Health, the Help Machine, and living publicly

The Help Machine is a company that wants to make a difference; as the founder, staying healthy, staying on track, and being transparent are part of my core values. I don’t know if other people feel embarrased about Ulcerative Collitis, but maybe if they do, they can see me talking about my embarrassing stuff and feel a little better about things. If you make continuous, constant improvement, and focus on staying steady, anything is possible!

  • New Medication
  • New Mindset: The Original Mindset
  • Keep Going


18 May 2015

Shortles 2: The Shortening!

TL;DR – Shortles is a way to organize the content for the new series, set some goals, and creating a daily habit of creating art.

I’m shaping Shortles into something I can produce week after week. It’s going slower than I like, partly due to some artist jitters, but mostly (like 95%) due to feeling run down. I gave myself 3 goals, to help focus me, and help me remember that my health will not, and cannot, stop me. Only I can stop me!

So, I’d rather not stop me. I’d rather say, “Hey me, let’s get to it!” Then I can, “Hey, you’re right!” And get to it. The thing I’m looking the most forward to are using Agile Scrum for Video production (a method I’m outlining that I think makes a lot of sense) and also learning a LOT about what can be done with portable, quality, simple video equipment.

What’s this post about?

  • Goal 1: Make Content Every Week!
  • Goal 2: Agile Scrum for Video Production!
  • Goal 3: Learn, Learn, and also Learn. In addition? Learn.


04 Mar 2015

New Idea: Shortles!

TL;DR – Shortles is a back to basics approach, to videos, starring Bobidoo, Kwiddle and some new friends!

Shortles is a back-to-basics approach, giving Bobidoo, Kwiddle and some new friends an outlet for creative expression, while helping the Help Machine make new video content. The new show will launch on YouTube on July 30, 2015!

Learn a little more by reading below!

  • Back to Basics: Vlogging with Bobidoo, Kwiddle and the Gang
  • Ready, Set, GO!


18 Nov 2014

Bobidoo and Me going on hiatus (here’s why)

TL;DR – Fred Chong Rutherford expains why Bobidoo and Me went on hiatus

I really like the idea of Bobidoo and Me, and the overall big idea is good. But, my ability to execute this well isn’t quite there; I don’t have the musical capabilities, I’m not quite sure how to attract the right talent, and definitely need to gain some skill here. The skill problem isn’t just with the music, either; while Kwiddle and Bobidoo are certainly ready, Fulton isn’t. On top of that, my health is taking a turn for the worse again.

I feel bad, because it’s a good idea, and some talented folks have put in some helpful help to get us to a solid draft on a couple of scripts. But sometimes, when you see problems, you have to fix them. Ready on to learn more!

  • Problem: The music wasn’t very good
  • Problem: Fulton needs a new body
  • Problem: I got sick


14 Sep 2014

Bobidoo Says Hello!

Bobidoo records his first video for YouTube, and talks about how he cheers himself up when everyone around him feels sad.

18 Jul 2014

Kwiddle says Thank You

Kwiddle takes a few minutes to thank everybody who’s liked our Facebook page and followed us on Twitter.


17 Jul 2014

The Help Machine is live!

Pinterest_Profile_Photo_165x165The Help Machine is online!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be filming and releasing some of our first puppet videos.

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16 Jul 2014

Looking for a few good artists

Artist_Consulting_627x330We all have our strengths and weaknesses. If you’re an artist, aspiring, working, or otherwise, you know how to do the work you love to do. What you may not know is the answer to some critical, new media business question that I can answer. Do you need some advice, or guidance, for creating your own website? Perhaps you’re trying to figure out the best way to reformulate your production plan for your webseries? Maybe you’re new to ecommerce and need advice on best practices for setting up your store? My expertise is available for consultation! I’m looking for 10 9 8 Artists based in the Greater New York City area that have a business problem (or question) that I can address. If you have a business problem or want some advice, just fill out this form. If it sounds like a problem I can help with, I’ll do what I can to help.

Artist Consulting Services – Reach out today!

16 Jul 2014