Bobidoo and Me going on hiatus (here’s why)

TL;DR – Fred Chong Rutherford expains why Bobidoo and Me went on hiatus

I really like the idea of Bobidoo and Me, and the overall big idea is good. But, my ability to execute this well isn’t quite there; I don’t have the musical capabilities, I’m not quite sure how to attract the right talent, and definitely need to gain some skill here. The skill problem isn’t just with the music, either; while Kwiddle and Bobidoo are certainly ready, Fulton isn’t. On top of that, my health is taking a turn for the worse again.

I feel bad, because it’s a good idea, and some talented folks have put in some helpful help to get us to a solid draft on a couple of scripts. But sometimes, when you see problems, you have to fix them. Ready on to learn more!

  • Problem: The music wasn’t very good
  • Problem: Fulton needs a new body
  • Problem: I got sick

Problem: The music wasn’t very good

There’s a lot about how Bobidoo and Me was coming together that I really liked. The writing of the episodes was good. I liked the tunes I had come up with for some of the songs, and the lyrics weren’t too bad.

But the biggest problem was the music. My musical abilities are pretty low. I can sing, I can even come up with tunes, but without at least playing an instrument and learning how to play along with it, the music was going to be lackluster.

So, this was an easy fix. I had to learn how to play an instrument!

Solution: Learn to sing and play the Ukulele

My plan is to start Ukulele lessons in 2015; by the end of the year, I need to be good enough to sing and play in front of people. If I can do that, there’s hope for the music!

Problem: Fulton needs a new body

So, this is a big one! The original Fulton puppet is one I can’t use, because this endeavor is commercial. The artist who created it had a lot of the same kind of puppet in use, and I understood that I didn’t have the rights to it.

Luckily, I was able to find some classes from the Puppet School, including my teacher Mr. Roberto Ferreira. He’s a great teacher, and I got a lot of learning about craft and how to make and design my own puppets. In fact, I even got good enough to make a new custom pattern for Fulton, closer to what my original design looked like. The puppet I was using is beautiful, but ultimately isn’t what the character was suppposed to look like.

Having said that, my original plan was to finish the new Fulton through my Puppet School classes. And while the classes were great, ultimately, I wasn’t good enough; the new Fulton wasn’t up to snuff. The head shape was good, but the body wasn’t right. I need more practice building these little guys.

Solution: Make puppets until I get good enough to make a new Fulton

So, I’m focusing on crafting puppets. I’ve got a new character, based on a simple pattern, named ‘Marmalade’ that I’m focusing on. The idea here is to just make and craft this little guy, until I get good enough to start really pulling them together.

Problem: I got sick

The second one is tough, because it feels like an excuse. I have ulcerative colitis, which is a disease that gives you cramps, bloody stools, and saps your energy. It’s also, for me, pretty painful. As the summer rolled along, I felt a bad flare coming on. It got worse as the summer rolled along. I think it’s calming down, but I feel like my energy is pretty low.

So, I need to figure out a way to make the show smaller, or perhaps shift gears to something else. Bobidoo, Kwiddle and Fulton still need to be making videos, but maybe of a different kind.

Solution: Make simpler videos

Rather than waste other people’s time, and also generate debt to pay a writer (a GREAT writer, by the way) and a cameraperson/director/producer, especially when my health is iffy, the thing that I think makes more sense is to go back to a simpler idea. The original idea with the videos was that Bobidoo, Fulton and Kwiddle would make their own YouTube video diaries, just like a lot of people do these days.

I think there’s merit in that. Just have to noodle around with how to do it.

So, there’s a path to setting things back on track, although it might take some time. Along the way, there’s still time to learn and make new creative stuff, too!